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Dav-Lear Systems, Inc is a SBA certified 8(a), SDB and service disabled, veteran-owned firm. Founded in January of 1992 with just one contract and two employees, the organization has grown and increased its revenue in each year of operation. Dav-Lear is located in Diamond Bar, California and maintains offices in the Washington, DC suburb of Alexandria, VA and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. provides information technology, telecommunications, product engineering and administrative support services to a broad range of Fortune 500 companies. In addition, we provide comprehensive service to the federal, state and local government.

At Dav-Lear Systems, we believe that we have an opportunity to create jobs where ownership, accountability, and responsibility are the cornerstones. Our mission is to proactively satisfy our customers by improving the cost effectiveness and quality of our core competencies by building a team of people who will uphold that quality standard and carry forth a service oriented attitude that leads the industry and creates a sustainable competitive advantage for Dav-Lear Systems, Inc.

Dav-Lear Systems, Inc., employees a multi-disciplinary staff of professionals and a vast network of specialists, one quarter of which served in the United States armed forces.We are able to work in a secure environment and our team of specialist, have an impressive background in a wide range of disciplines including product engineering, computer science, systems engineering, hardware engineering, satellite ground systems, administrative support and management. Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. presently holds a contract with Northrop Grumman Corporation for product engineering. In addition, Dav-Lear Systens has contracts with Lockheed Martin Information Technology and Raytheon, major contractors to the Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL). Dav-Lear Systems, Inc., provides software development and computer support to the JPL mission.

Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. is ready to assist you in making your ideas a reality.

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We are registered with the Small Business Association