Desktop Network Support
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Lockheed Martin Information Technology

Established by the California Institute of Technology in the 1930’s, the JPL is a federally funded research and development facility that serves as a laboratory for NASA, and is responsible for building and operating unmanned spacecraft for NASA and is credited with sending those unmanned vehicles to every planet in the solar system, with the exception of Pluto. Among the missions that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is noted for include: the Galileo Jupiter, Voyager, Cassini and the Mars Exploration Rover. The world wide Deep Space Network is also managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has long been a leader in space exploration, and built the first U.S. space satellite, Explorer 1 in 1958. Under a contract with Lockheed Martin Information Technology (LMIT), Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. supports the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the area of desktop network support (DNS), from it offices in Pasadena, CA.

The Support Analyst from Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. work closely with members from the various departments within JPL and LMIT to insure that all of the client’s hardware and software needs are met. These Support Analyst are responsible for providing the technical support for the JPL personal computers and associated networks, which includes hardware/software installation, configuration as well as all of the necessary upgrades to the software and any onsite troubleshooting, that is not resolved by the helpdesk team at Lockheed Martin.

SPITZER Program Systems Engineering
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Under a contract with Raytheon, Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. supported the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s SPITZER Space Telescope Program (formerly SIRTF, the Space Infrared Telescope Facility), in the areas of: systems engineering support by providing lead engineers to provide database administration support to SSC (Spitzer Science Center) development, I&T, and operations. Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. engineers helped to deploy and manage the SSC Informix servers and databases, performance system monitoring and optimization, backups and recovery, development and operations support, and interface with vendors. The SPITZER Space Telescope is the final mission of NASA’s Great Observatories Program and NASA’s Astronomical Search for Origins Program. The telescope was launched into space by a Delta rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in 2003. The purpose of the mission is to give researchers the opportunity to study regions of space from a view that is not normally seen through an ordinary optical telescope.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

As a subcontractor to Raytheon in conjunction with the Spitzer program, Software Engineers from Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. were detailed to work as members of the product support team, to plan and implement the integration and testing of the data reduction and image processing system for the Shuttle’s Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission flew on the Space Shuttle Endeavour in February 2000. Over the course of eleven days, radar antennas inside and outside of the Shuttle recorded a three dimensional topographical map of the earth. The SRTM combined image radar and interferometry. The Shuttle flew the two antennas approximately 200 feet apart, held together by a long mast. The Dav-Lear Systems engineers assigned to this project were instrumental in turning the data tapes collected on the space shuttle into a more accurate high-resolution, terrain-height maps, to be used by a number of different groups and researchers, studying the earth’s terrain.

Product Engineering
Hill Air Force Base
Northrop Grumman

Hill AFB is used as a Air Force Material Command Base and is one of the largest employers in the State of Utah, with over 20,000 civilian and military workers spread out on more than 6,698 acres of land. Hill Air Force Base is located roughly 30 miles outside of Salt Lake City. It has been in operation since 1934 and provides logistic and maintenance support worldwide for the F-16 Fighting Falcon, C-130 Hercules and the F-4 Phantom II aircraft, used by the Air Force.

A team of specialist selected by Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. provide product engineering, technical support and services in the areas of: environmental, logistics, computer hardware and software assistance, and assuming management information systems and operational responsibility as a contract holder with Northrop Grumman Space and Missile Systems Group.

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