Computer Security

Information Technology security policies, including network security policies, are the foundation and the bottom line for information security within an organization. At Dav-Lear Systems, Inc. we ask the following:

  • Are your security policies comprehensive enough?
  • Are your security policies up to date?
  • Are your security policies delivered effectively (eg: via the desktop)?
  • Are you aware of residual security information residing in your system?

We help you to ensure that you can answer these questions in the affirmative. We provide expert guidance and offer solutions to ensure that you have complete policies that are delivered effectively and professionally.


The first issue to consider revolves around the content and structure of the policies themselves:

  • Are your network policies comprehensive and complete?
  • Are your network policies up to date?
  • Does your network policies reflect your needs?


Having a security policy document is often not enough. The contents MUST be delivered effectively to have the desired results. This is sometimes easier said than done! The most popular method for delivering information security policies is via the users desktop, either a LAN server or an intranet.

Dav-Lear Systems provides Information Security Policies and implements them.

  • Dav-Lear Systems utilizes a series of computer desktop tools, each of which is available from a user's workstation or laptop.
  • Dav-Lear Systems implements a system which identifies the key Information Security issues and identifies the appropriate responses to safeguard against those threats.
  • Dav-Lear Systems delivers a comprehensive database of ready made (but amendable) Information Security Policies delivered in context to each user's desktop.
  • Dav-Lear Systems identifies specific and focused guidance to help establish an appropriate Information Security capability within your organization.

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